Monday, February 19, 2018

Love Memories in the Imaginal World

photo taken at Chincoteague, October 2016
Memories of loves who have passed on
whether within or beyond this world—
This matters little if God moves us…

It’s told as if God has two hands
ever molding Adam’s clay,
imparting breath…

The clay is our body,
the breath spirit. Each overlaps
tides of the soul

where happens the imaginal world.
Those memories trespass time
still refining love…

These notions come floating by 
1) as my sister remembers her son’s birthday who has passed on as has mine…
2) also while reflecting on Imaginal Worlds: Ibn al'Arabi and the Problem of Religious Diversity by William Chittick, particularly Chapter 7, “Death and the Afterlife,” with specific elaboration on the two hands, and with attention throughout to the situation of the soul, for example, "mercy will eventually prevail" (p. 115) . . .

3) and with echoes from Elizabeth Gray’s The Green Sea of Heaven on Hafiz’ ghazals, e.g.: “Adam was made from clay kneaded and formed with love by God’s own hand, and then given life by God’s breath. The angels were commanded by God to bow down to Adam, because unlike the angelic host, part of man’s nature is divine (that is, love). (Sura 15:29).” [p. 158 note 1 on Ghazal 29]