Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the description

This is my first attempt at blogging. Like most of these technologies, the way to get it seems to be mostly about diving in. With this one, I went back to my mostly abandoned website (dochorsetales.net) which is still up but hasn't been added to for a couple of years. I had a section called "third space" which came from persons like Homi Bhabha who seems to be reworking the notion of the public sphere where we can work toward social truth, toward the advancement of collective consciousness. These abstractions float around too uselessly but how else do we try to move the almost mindless cruelties and the almost blind subservience to dictatorships of arrogance, literal-minded conservatism, and liberal naivite? So this is the "description" to start with:

Maybe this is the "third space" that overlaps what is too personal to share and what is too public to explore the edge of consciousness? I want to dissolve boundaries separating spheres of literacy consciousness, dressage, and poetry-narrative; that’s why DocHorseTales.