Friday, October 14, 2011

National Day of Writing

Some wonders swell up inside so that a single flow of word by word threatens to explode.  I want a multiple canvas like the dazzling array of autumn leaves, fledglings from their summer nest, swirling with these rhythms of gentle rain before and behind, playing in the subtly moist scent, and beckoning with the foggy light framed by crisscrossing tree trunks at the farther reach.  But after a brief multi-sensory indulgence, I’ll settle down to distill a few lines.

Why Not Write

The pre-dawn blessing whether mist
or stardust pitter-patt across the tin
roof, the meadows, seacoasts, wherever
the pattern of our lives’ promises lies.

Our dog dances begging breakfast while
our destiny twinkles hope, composing.:
Will we write peace today?  Will love
letters mark our shape in morning light?

Some friends are promoting a National Day of Writing for October 20, 2011 and others ask what might we do in our classrooms.  I believe in little more than integrity so I write myself and count my blessings:  1) a room with a view of seasonal splendor, 2) the luxury of stolen moments, 3) a quiet space where falling leaves whisper secrets and stars still make constellations, 4) the marriage of rich experiences and multiple literacies, 5) friends who care to listen . . .

Friends at the National Writing Project, NCTE, and the New York Times Learning Network share suggestions for writing toward and on this National Day.  These include: